15 Apr 2021

CSW Commercial Real Estate Services

Buying and Selling

Purchase and sale agreements set the rules of the game when it comes to real estate deals, and in most instances, terms are negotiable. We represent clients from the outset of negotiations and ensures that agreements and contracts are drafted to reflect the agreed-upon terms between the parties with no ambiguity. She analyzes and advises clients on risks inherent in title, survey, and zoning issues where necessary and coordinates financing and title insurance requirements.

Construction, Development and Land Use

Development and use of land and real estate often requires complex agreements between various parties to the deal, including land and property owners, developers, investors, and lenders, as well as various professionals including engineers, attorneys, contractors, architects, and designers. We are experienced in working out detailed agreements between various parties involved in the deal and ensuring that terms are memorialized into enforceable contracts.

Lending and Finance

Lending is at the heart of the majority of real estate deals. We represent borrowers and lenders as they structure commercial loans secured by real estate or other property, including development, construction, bridge, and permanent loans.

Entity Formation

Choosing to form a business entity is often a good idea for real estate developers to limit liability and optimize taxation matters. We advise business owners, property owners, and equity investors in structuring and negotiating limited liability company operating agreements and other real estate development and investment devices, and confers with CPAs designated by the client to optimize financial matters.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing arrangements often require detailed agreements and flexibility. We represent landlords and tenants in structuring, negotiating and documenting leases for office, retail, industrial, bar and restaurant, and other commercial rental spaces, as well as land developers and landowners in land and mineral lease transactions.

Land Use and Zoning

Commercial real estate undertakings often require the cooperation and permission of governmental entities. We represent developers and landowners in connection with zoning variances, annexation, and other governmental proceedings and agreements for the development of real property.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is typically required by lenders and is a good idea for owners. We represent clients in resolving complex title issues and coordinates title insurance in real estate transactions.