28 Jan 2016

Why Our Small, Established Oil and Gas Law Firm is the Best Choice for Your Appalachian Title Project

  1. Clients are valued
    We consider it an honor to be chosen to serve our clients. When analyzing a title, preparing a title opinion for a client, or taking a title matter to a judge, we keep in mind all possible ramifications of legal issues and we communicate the risks and offer solutions to problems in order to protect our clients. We provide what is needed and desired in our representation. We do not simply recite the information contained in an abstract of title: we question, analyze, interpret and give the client our legal opinion based upon statutory and common law. After all, isn’t that what the client is paying for?
  2. Work is High Quality
    We are proud of the services we provide and we have a true commitment to the quality of our work. Our clients appreciate it! The same group of lawyers draft, review and edit title opinions so that there is consistency in application of legal interpretation. Our new attorneys are constantly educated, mentored and developed under the guidance of highly experienced attorneys.
  3. Appalachia is our niche
    Our experience is focused on Appalachian title and always has been. We provide economy to our clients because the difficult issues we see in titles are rarely new to us. When it comes to oil and gas title law, the more you’ve seen and done, the more you know. We’ve seen a lot and we know a lot! Our clients benefit from our depth of knowledge because are capable of moving quickly and efficiently through the challenging legal hurdles that exist in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio oil and gas title.