20 Aug 2015

Oil & Gas Law Firm in Appalachia

When you’re looking a for a law firm to represent you and your land interests in the Marcellus or Utica Shale play in Appalachia, it is vital that the firm have the proper experience and ability to competently navigate complex land and legal issues in the dynamic Appalachian energy market.

Before you hire a title attorney or law firm, here are five questions you should take into consideration:

  1. Do they have experience in creating Appalachian Title Opinions? Appalachia is a very different region than other oil and gas plays in the U.S. and determining true ownership of a tract of land can be uniquely complex. At CSW Legal Group, we have many years of experience in the difficult title areas of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and can efficiently analyze and assess ownership to land and minerals. Our title opinions tell you who owns the asset, how they acquired it and who has the rights to operate it. We also tell you what the title defects are and propose practical solutions to resolve them. We provide certified drilling opinions, supplemental title opinions, pre-lease title opinions, division order title opinions and other title opinions within the scope identified by the client.
  2. Can they effectively assist with Curative Solutions? If there is an issue with a tract of land, how will your firm handle it? We prepare or review your deeds, lease amendments and other documents required to remove title defects. We also assist with administration and probate of wills and estates and conduct court petitions and litigation to solve more complex curative issues.
  3. Can they prepare Division Order Title Opinions? We are well-versed in the preparation of division order title opinions that provide royalty and ownership calculations on a tract, lease and unit basis.
  4. Are they detail-oriented when conducting Due Diligence? Proper research and competent analysis is critical to a successful transaction. Our team can assess the status of title of your proposed asset, identify defects and prepare communications to assist you with risk analysis and negotiations.
  5. Are they willing to litigate if necessary? If your title issue requires a more complex solution, we can initiate and conduct litigation for receivership leases, quiet title actions, partition actions and other related matters.