01 Mar 2017

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing an Oil and Gas Title Firm

  1. Do they know what they’re doing?
    The secret of a truly great oil and gas title firm? Simple: the firm’s experience is primarily focused on oil, gas and mineral title and related issues -- and always has been. The difficult issues encountered in mineral titles are rarely new to experienced oil and gas title attorneys, so they don’t have to spend precious time (and money!) spinning their wheels.
  2. How long have they been focused on mineral title?
    When it comes to oil and gas title law, the more you’ve seen and done, the more you know. Seek out a firm with attorneys who have seen and know a lot! Clients will benefit from such a depth of knowledge because attorneys can move quickly and efficiently through the challenging legal hurdles that exist in mineral title law.
  3. Are they willing to go the extra step?
    When preparing a certified title opinion, for instance, effective attorneys keep in mind all possible ramifications of legal issues. Thorough attorneys don’t simply recite the information contained in an abstract of title: they question, analyze, interpret and give the client their legal opinion based upon statutory and common law. After all, isn’t that what you’re paying for?
  4. Will they keep me in the loop?
    Clear communication between attorney and client is vital. A great attorney will communicate the risks and offer solutions to problems in order to protect their clients, with the business goals of the client in mind.
  5. Are they consistent and punctual?
    The best oil and gas firm has a true commitment to the quality of its work. Clients appreciate it! The same group of lawyers should draft, review and edit title opinions so that there’s consistency of legal interpretation. Their title projects should run smoothly.

Deadlines are another area to consider. Great firms respect and value their clients' time, and will work to ensure deadlines are realistic and achievable prior to accepting a project. Want to know if the firm you're considering will deliver? Ask for references. Check their website and social media for reviews or endorsements -- at the very least, you'll get an idea of where that firm's main strengths lie.